TREKTOR : The hybrid autonomous robot for agriculture

Trektor is the first hybrid robot for agriculture. He is able to work on different crops (viticulture for both narrow and wide rows vineyards ; market gardening ; vegetable field crops and arboriculture) and to perform many repetitive tasks (soil cultivation, spraying, hoeing…)

TREKTOR can change his width (wheelbase) or his height (adjustable ground clearance) to adapt himself to the crop.

He is also compatible with the existing implements, that he can carry thanks to a standard three-point linkage (cat. 2) and his points of attachment behind and between the wheels.


Variable width, variable height and wheelbase to adapt to different implement 


Variable track, variable height and wheelbase to adapt to different crops


Different configurable missions – Hybrid motorization (diesel + batteries) – 24h/24 work


Centimeter-accurate work with – GPS RTK – Remote maintenance


Travel safety provided by various redundant sensors and bumpers


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