SITIA develops and produces innovative robotic systems.

Own, through collaborative R & D projects or through industrial projects of our customers, SITIA puts all his skills in game to make applied innovation.

In the context of development of product or improvement of existing products, SITIA assists its clients to integrate advanced features.

  • Management and multi-sensor fusion
  • Complex trajectory
  • Sizing and actuator technology

Skills SITIA

  • Development of complex applications
  • Design systems and effectors
  • Control low-level and trajectography
  • Design of autonomous vehicles and embedded systems
  • Schedules for complex tasks

Types of robots being implemented

  • On shelf or designed and directed by SITIA
  • Industrial robots series and parallel
  • Mobile manipulators
  • Cobots and robots light generation

Mechanical test

Sitia proposes to associate with its banks of fluid transfer mechanical stress such as multiaxial movement or vibration on vibrating pot, all in simulated thermal environment. In order to characterize or endure products, Sitia develops and manufactures benches that integrates: The simulation of the thermal environment (thermal compound, fluid… controlled glycol),. the simulation of the…


Opening test benches

Sitia offers opening trials for Aeronautics, automotive and rail beds. PRODUCTS Hinged doors Sliding side doors Tailgates Hood Gas cylinders Seals, rollers, hinge…   TESTS Endurance Endurance in a climatic chamber – 40 ° C + 90 ° C Gust of wind, brake tests Characterization, strain, vibration Pendulum Dynamics Haptic


Platform PUMAgri

PUMAgri, the Universal Mobile platform for Agriculture PUMAgri aims to offer farmers a solution flexible and innovative Robotics challenges of competitiveness, protection of the environment and reduction of labour penibilites. The objective of this project is to create an intelligent machine of a new generation that will be autonomous and able to adapt to difficult…



SITIA is specialized in the realization and the design of railway test benches Products Bogies Rail bearings (3200 rpm | +/-30kN) Doors Electrical systems Seats Tests Banks of characterization Life and fatigue testing Approval tests (12082)


SCS software

The SCS (Sitia Control System) software allows to fly and gain real-time independent or synchronized way up to 16 actuators. It is based on Ethercat and Beckhoff technology. It allows to: Pilot tests simple or multiaxial complexes Testing endurance or characterization Launch several different tests independently Create any type of test procedures Track testing with…


Sitia moves

SITIA has left the original premises of Central Nantes campus moved to its own premises in the heart of the Jules Verne Manufacturing Valley close to the Nantes Atlantique airport SITIA has of a 2 146 square metre building, classified RT 2012 including a 1 474 square meters and offices with an area of 612…


Software AfterTest

AFTERTEST is a post-processing software compatible with all text, ASCII and CSV files in addition Functions available: counting, concatenation, calculated channels, resampling, grap To solve the problems of operating important among of data, SITIA has created software AfterTest to deal quickly and simply with data files. AfterTest software allows a user to open a file,…



Steering test benches The SITIA specialises in the design and implementation of Management test benches. The know-how of its different offices (mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and software) allows him to control internal design and the realization of direction testing benches. PRODUCTS Steering columns Steering wheel Steering racks Rods… TESTS Endurance, Torsion, bending Body block Test…


Support to the development of solutions

SITIA offers a methodology to its clients, from specification to integration on site, for a robotic solution consistent with the reglementation Renseigner votre nom et votre adresse mail pour télécharger notre documentation Lien de téléchargement 1 – Feasibility study Sitia brings its expertise to identify, develop and quantify solutions with a quick return on investment…


Test electrical systems

SITIA is specialized in the design and production of test benches electric. The know-how of its different offices (mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and software) allows him to control internally their design and their implementation. PRODUCTS Alternators Wiring harnesses Electric motors Systems of keys and locks   TESTS Detections of micro cuts Torque vacuum Testing GEF…