SITIA develops and produces innovative robotic systems.

Own, through collaborative R & D projects or through industrial projects of our customers, SITIA puts all his skills in game to make applied innovation.

In the context of development of product or improvement of existing products, SITIA assists its clients to integrate advanced features.

  • Management and multi-sensor fusion
  • Complex trajectory
  • Sizing and actuator technology

Skills SITIA

  • Development of complex applications
  • Design systems and effectors
  • Control low-level and trajectography
  • Design of autonomous vehicles and embedded systems
  • Schedules for complex tasks

Types of robots being implemented

  • On shelf or designed and directed by SITIA
  • Industrial robots series and parallel
  • Mobile manipulators
  • Cobots and robots light generation


Test transmission The SITIA specialises in the design and implementation of transmission test benches. The know-how of its different offices (mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and software) allows him to control internal design and implementation of transmission test benches. PRODUCTS Gimbals, bellows Commands to cables Standard 35-05-006 Renault Simulators of gearbox Transmission shafts Gearboxes Clutches TESTS…


Tribology and materials test benches

PRODUCTS Treads Road surfaces: asphalt, bitumen Linear friction welding technology By Rotary friction welding technology Elastomer and rubber   TESTS Linear friction welding (125 Hz, +/-300kN) (7000 RPM) inertial friction welding Destructive testing and wear material Measurements of coefficients of friction Characterization with Wöhler curves


Wood and furniture

SITIA is specialized in the realization and the design of turnkey test benches for the wood and furniture industry. Our company also provides the retrofit of machines and studied all new need for specification testing benches. The Sitia test benches meet European standards (14074, 581-2, 1335-3, 1957, 107, 162, 14609…). FURNITURE PRODUCTSWOOD PRODUCTS Bench furniture…