TREKTOR : The autonomous rechargeable tractor in the field

As an tool for the agricultural transition, TREKTOR brings an answer to real challenges related to the labor shortage, the optimization of productivity and the reduction of the carbon impact within the farms

TREKTOR is the first autonomous tractor versatile in taskscrops, implements and ready for digital implements.

TREKTOR can be used to work on different crops (viticulture – narrow vines, wide vines – , horticulture, open-field vegetable growing and arboriculture) and perform many repetitive tasks (tillage, spraying, hoeing, …).


TREKTOR is equipped with various sensors dedicated to navigation, perception, localization, and maintenance


TREKTOR adapts to your existing tools. It’s also ready for digital tools


Its electric motor, which is recharged by an on-board diesel generator, allows it to work alone for 24 hours


TREKTOR’s CE certified technology has been developed to ensure the safety of farmers and their crops

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Some videos...

TREKTOR in viticulture

TREKTOR in horticulture