The SITIA company specialises in machines of fluid transfer with mechanical and thermal environment simulation.

Fluid transfer to air, ethylene, glycol, oil, water, skydrol, fhari, gas

  • Burst test
  • Measurement of expansion under pressure and depression
  • Fatigue resistance (rate, pulse pressure, pressure cycled, internal and external temperature, oil injection)
  • Static and dynamic decoupling
  • Hoses
  • Flexible
  • Expansion vessels
  • Air intake
  • Resonator
  • Filter
  • Dispatcher…

Dynamic fluid test

New products endurance and characterizations are more and more demanding and the test benches must accurately simulate the sudden phenomena by the product: Pulsating pressure Depression Rapid change of temperature Cycle sine, half sine… The cockpit of the banks is directed by a centralized real-time system based on PC with a Windows interface. Functions All…


Mechanical test

Sitia proposes to associate with its banks of fluid transfer mechanical stress such as multiaxial movement or vibration on vibrating pot, all in simulated thermal environment. In order to characterize or endure products, Sitia develops and manufactures benches that integrates: The simulation of the thermal environment (thermal compound, fluid… controlled glycol),. the simulation of the…